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Balloon Bambas: Why These Make For Excellent Shoes

By :SANDRA SEVILLA 0 comments
Balloon Bambas: Why These Make For Excellent Shoes

The Balloon Bambas from Hola Shoes are made in Spain that maximize comfort and style like no other sneakers. They're your kid's perfect companions for school, parties, camping, and other leisure activities they like to indulge in. Here are four reasons why you should take off in the Balloon Bambas sneakers too:

Central Elastic Band

If getting your child to wear shoes is a daily battle, you need the Balloon Bambas — they come with a central elastic band that stretches out to allow your child to slide their toes and heels in fully. When you're done, the band takes on the shape of the foot to allow for a snug fit! Perfect for the winters — isn't it?


It's also great for the summers — the woven fabric of the canvas offers great breathability, so your child won't be troubled by smelly and sweaty feet during the summers. Moreover, the canvas is sturdy, flexible, and durable, giving your toddler, pre-schooler, or child's feet able room to grow while staying protected. Best of all, they're low maintenance; you can pop them in the washing machine without worrying about the colour fading.

Toe Cap

The Balloon Bambas sneakers are closed-toed, providing more protection to your child's toes (a stubbing toe is the last thing you'd want for your toddler to go through as they make their way through rough, dirty terrains. It has the right composition of rubber to avoid restricting the natural movement of your kid's foot.

Rubber Outsole

The rubber soles of the Balloon Bambas offer great stability and support to the little one who's recently learned to walk. Their shock-absorbing feature keeps children safe without constricting their growth. Moreover, it offers padding and arch support that give the child a chance to maintain their posture and retain their balance as they set off on never adventures. The rubber sole also prevents your child from slipping or falling on any treacherous surface, whereas the flexibility, robustness, and durability of the shoes give them the freedom to participate in recreational activities actively. 

Balloon Bambas – White

Hola Shoes brings 100 per cent canvas shoes with rubber outsole from their exclusive kid's Balloon Bambas sneakers collections. These are easy on & off shoes, thanks to their central elastic band feature. These unisex kids' shoes are made in Spain with a special toe cap to protect the tiny toes. Buy the Balloon Bambas in pink, white, blue lavender, and grey for just £30.40.

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