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Optimizing Functionality: A Guide to Choosing Sandals for Kids

By :SANDRA SEVILLA 0 comments
Optimizing Functionality: A Guide to Choosing Sandals for Kids

As a parent, there are several battles you fight daily, one of which is choosing the kind of footwear your child must sport once they begin to walk. This is largely because you want your kids to be safe. Sandals are a convenient choice for footwear (indispensable too if you ask us), especially when you’re headed to the pool or the beach.

The Claim

Unfortunately, many a time, people speak ill of sandals as they increase the risk of slipping and falling. They claim that sandals offer poor support to growing feet, which can later lead to foot pain or inflammation on the bottom tissue of the foot. Moreover, children having to grip the sandals with their toes puts excessive strain on their leg muscles and accounts for shorter steps.

What Must a Good Sandal Include?

The right sandals will have a good arch, heal support, and not be backless to protect the growing feet of your child. But most importantly, a well-fitted sandal will account for better walking. 

The Counterclaim

Jelly Sandals from Hola Shoes come with a seal of approval for their unique design that prioritizes children’s comfort. The rubber outsole is a non-slip sole that eliminates any chances of a slip or fall, while the hook and loop strap closure fastens to the foot to offer ample foot support and keep it steadfast in place minus the soreness. This feature also gives more room for growth as the straps allow adjustment.

Moreover, the low heel counter holds the heel in place to offer stability, so your child has a guaranteed firm footing on all kinds of surfaces. The open sandals provide easier movement and leave space for air. These jelly sandals are lightweight and can be sported all summer comfortably! Best of all, these sandals are easy to clean — you can wipe off any dirt with a piece of cloth or give it a quick wash without having to worry about wiping off its colour.

Jelly Sandals - White

If you love yourself a pair of sandals, you’re sure to enjoy the range of jelly sandals Hola Shoes has to offer for your toddler, preschooler, or child. These kids’ unisex Spanish shoes come in pink, white, aqua green, navy blue, and sky blue. These shoes are so versatile they complement all outfits alike!

We’re now offering up to 50 per cent off on comfy kid’s shoes from the Hola Spring/Summer 2021 Collection, including Balloon Bambas, Fruity Sneakers, Easy Sneakers, Jelly Sandals, and Cool Laces. We strive to promote slow fashion shoes made and manufactured in Spain, but you can get them shipped to the UK for free, over £40!


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