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The Benefits of Soft Vs Hard Soled Shoes for Kids

By :SANDRA SEVILLA 0 comments
The Benefits of Soft Vs Hard Soled Shoes for Kids

When a child is beginning to walk (at 8 to 18 months of age), they tend to accumulate critical sensory information from the soles — for this reason, soft-soled shoes are recommended for toddlers to comprehend the kind of surface they’re touching and subsequently develop muscle strength. However, after mastering walking, children can progress to slightly hard-soled shoes that are flat yet flexible (especially near the toes). Refrain from shoes with inflexible soles that restrict the natural foot movement of kids, making it troublesome to walk.

Hola Shoes uses rubber soles for their comfy shoes for toddlers, preschoolers, and children. Here are three benefits of rubber-soled shoes:

Comfortable and Flexible

A rubber sole is comfortable and flexible, making it a great choice for children learning to walk or run without breaking or cutting into the sole. Moreover, its natural shock absorption serves as insulation to the feet. Hola Shoes aren’t constricting on a growing foot, allowing the foot to maintain its posture and balance to grow healthy and strong.

Bouncy and Lightweight

The rubber soles’ bouncing characteristics make it highly recommended for jumpers, runners, and skippers. The lightweight further enhances recreational activities your child likes to indulge in by offering arch support and padding. And when it gets dirty, you’ve got several ways to clean the rubber sole minus the hassle.

Grip and Traction

The traction of the rubber sole prevents fall and slip on treacherous surfaces, so you can expect the sole to be slip-resistant as the soft composition provides a steady grip on the floor. It’s also a multi-weather sole that remains functional, practical, and economical! Best of all is its durability and robustness that will last you a thousand miles unless your child grows out of the shoe, of course. Hola Shoes prioritizes the comfort of a child when making a range of movements — the cotton canvas alongside the rubber sole is sure to give your child freedom to stretch and strengthen their muscles, ligaments, and bones while remaining breathable.

Red Easy Sneakers with rubber outsole

Hola Shoes’ spring/summer 2021 collection includes comfy Jelly Sandals, children’s Fruity Sneakers, stylish Balloon Bambas, Cool Laces, and Sneakers with an elastic band. These easy on & off shoes made in Spain give your child the freedom of putting on or taking off their shoes themselves. Buy the 100 per cent polyvinyl chloride shoes on sale from Hola Shoes and get free shipping to the UK!


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