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The Suggestions You Need to Care for Your Children's Feet and Shoes

By :SANDRA SEVILLA 0 comments
The Suggestions You Need to Care for Your Children's Feet and Shoes

On several occasions, the use of incorrectly fitted footwear has been associated with foot pathology, including foot disorders and foot pain. This makes the use of correctly fitting footwear in children vitally important.

Children tend to begin walking around 8 to 18 months of age. Your child's feet differ from yours in shape and posture, i.e., they're more malleable due to constant growth, so the ligament stiffness and muscle strength need to keep up with development.

Flat Feet

A normally developed foot sole consists of an arch that's formed by muscles, ligaments, and bones — also referred to as the medial arch. A child's feet look flat during the first two years of their life but are generally more flexible. As your child begins to walk, the muscles and ligaments should strengthen, giving your child the medial arch by six years of age.

Inwards Feet

Your toddler may walk by placing either one or both feet inwards due to the lower or upper leg — this is known as in-toeing. Although most toddlers tend to be pigeon-toed, no signs of improvement with age, or it affecting just one leg makes it crucial for you to see a podiatrist.

Outwards Feet

Likewise, toddlers tend to turn their feet outwards, known as out-toeing. Although the problem corrects itself as the balance and posture mature, you should see a health professional if it causes pain or severely affects just one leg.

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Shoes for Children

Correct footwear fitting is paramount to correct the foot posture and pathological skeletal alignment in children. Moreover, it protects their little feet from injuries or temperature changes. Ideal footwear must satisfy the need for form, fit, and function. Form refers to the aesthetic appeal or outlook of the footwear. Fit is concerned with the footwear accommodating with the foot morphology, whereas function has to do with the ability of the footwear to accomplish its purpose.

The shoes you choose for your children must ideally have a flat yet flexible sole that allows bending near the toes and has a heel counter to provide additional support for the new walker in town. The natural foot shape is wider from the front than the heel, so the shoes must match with a wider front for offering plenty of room for the toes than the heel. Lastly, the straps, fasteners, or laces must prevent slipping or movement inside of the foot.

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