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Trade Your Kicks for Canvas Shoes This Summer

By :SANDRA SEVILLA 0 comments
Trade Your Kicks for Canvas Shoes This Summer

We’ll say you trade your kid’s casuals with the Balloon Bambas or Easy Sneakers that are made from 100 per cent canvas. But why is it that Hola Shoes loves canvas? After making your way through this piece of writing, you’re likely to love these multipurpose shoes with canvas tops and rubber soles too. Here’s why we’re trading out kicks for canvas shoes this summer.

What is Canvas?

Although historically woven from hemp, today, canvas is largely made from linen, cotton, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It’s made by weaving yarns tightly in a plain textile weave; thanks to their fabric, they never get too hot, even during the summers. The use of two single yarns or two-ply yarns twisted together adds texture, weight, and thickness through the fabric.  Because canvas is durable, sturdy, and flexible, it makes for a great component in footwear, be it trainers or a pair of summer shoes/sneakers.

Canvas in Footwear

Canvas makes for great shoes or sneakers. With a canvas top and rubber sole, shoes can be personalized in a variety of colours and embedded with designs. They’re casual, fun, and the no-fuss kind. Best of all, they’re relatively low maintenance, making them suitable for kids — you can always throw them in the washing machine to get the dirt off from the canvas and rubber sole. Your kids have the freedom to run, skip, and jump around in these outdoors! Did we mention they’re highly fashionable and trending?

Ivory kaki Easy Sneakers with a canvas upper and rubber toe cap

Canvas Shoes at Hola Shoes

Hola Shoes brings you 100 per cent canvas shoes with Balloon Bambas and Easy Sneakers from the Hola Shoes Spring/Summer 2021 Collection in countless colours. They’re easy on & off shoes that work well with all outfits so you can retain your aesthetics with maximum comfort. These unisex kids’ shoes are also lightweight, and their rubber sole gives great traction making these sneakers suited for winter wear as well!

You can now say hola to our sales with 30 per cent off on kids Balloon Bambas sneakers and 20 per cent off on elastic band Easy Sneakers! These comfy kids’ shoes made in Spain are sure to be your kid’s best companions as they set off to explore the world in newer ways.




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