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Weeble-Wobble: The Making of Jelly Sandals

By :SANDRA SEVILLA 0 comments
Weeble-Wobble: The Making of Jelly Sandals


Jelly shoes or sandals are also referred to as jellies that came around in the 80s. This injection moulded, soft plastic footwear was initially made by a Brazilian company that distributed them in the United States. Over the years, the fashion world has experienced significant fluctuations in its use of jelly shoes, restyled every so often to keep up with competing companies. From solid or woven, clear or coloured, opaque or translucent, to glittered or bejewelled, the jelly shoes fans had tones to rave about through the years. They made for fine footwear that was cheap to manufacture and market.

The Origin of Jelly Shoes

It isn’t exactly clear how the jelly shoes made it to America— they were first endorsed at the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair in the United States by Preston Haag Sr., who struck a distribution from the Brazilian company. Following this, they quickly secured a spot in the world on fashion footwear as the second-order included 3.5 million shoes compared to the first order for 24,000 jelly shoes.

How Jelly Shoes Are Made

Out of the various options for plasticized materials, the jelly shoes were most commonly manufactured from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. The material has several potential formulations, but overall, it calls for low maintenance, long-lasting, flexible, and rigid jelly shoes. Machinists use a computer numerical control machine to shape the process of injection moulding — the PVC resin is poured along with additives to play with the texture, colour, rigidity, and other physical characteristics of the shoe.

Jelly Sandals – Pink

The Rise of Jelly Shoes in the 21st Century

From the 80s throwback, the jelly shoes have made quite the comeback — they’re funky, fun, and functional, making them a perfect add-on to the modern style statement. So, even though the fashion guidelines may switch a tad bit, it’s best to hold onto your long-lasting pair of jellies because the fashion industry is sure to be raving about jelly shoes one more time. 

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