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Hola! I Am Sandra

Hola! I´m Sandra, who´s behind the scenes by holashoes. With advertising background and a fashion lover I get inspired by sunny places and happy faces. Cheery and kids friendly shoes bringing joy and confidence through shiny colours and cool shapes. This is the essence of holashoes: one-stop, easy to use shop, selling a trusted edit of the best children shoes brands from Spain. The name holashoes is winking at Spain, the sun, the happiness of practicing a SLOW lifestyle, quiet, delicate and full of love and smiles. I´d always said to myself if I ever started a business I´d also always do business in a nice way; I´d only ever sell things I´d want for my own kids and by our customers who could easily shop elsewhere. So Here And Now, In April 2021, Holashoes Is Born, Dreamed Up In UK - Made In Spain. Why We´Re Here Holashoes offers you a piece of Spanish fashion, of quality, cozy and special, that will join your lovely kids in their daily adventures without them realizing that we are part of their happiness and yours ;)

Our Manifesto

We Believe In A Casual, Easy Mood! Our Philosophy Of Life: Allow Kids To Be Kids.

We educate our children to open their hearts and minds from all walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiams for learning, respect for freedom of expression and love a world´s diversity (people, animals, things...). The welfare of our kids is dependent on the welfare of the planet, that is why we are on the right track to incorporate recycled materials into our shoes to reduce environmental impact. We teach our children to live in a world where less is more, respecting SLOW fashion: taking the time to choose better, consume less and enjoy it longer.

How We Do Things

To us, a modern kids store means a store built by people that know kids, stocking the best products, not all the products, providing an effortless shopping experience and run by a friendly team, with integrity.